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JJ Corry 2nd Chance @TweetTasting

I was really excited to be invited to take part in a JJ Corry @WhiskeyGate @TweetTastings but unfortunately the parcel office at Shannon Airport decided they wanted to take part in my place so my parcel didn't arrive. I later found out that a few others had suffered the same fate or had received damaged parcels. The great people at JJ Corry sent replacements and I arranged a 2nd chance tasting for us all.

At one time every town in Ireland had its own particular flavour of whiskey, @WhiskeyGate are trying to recreate a little bit of that history. Their Rackhouse is located on the McGuane family farm right on the Wild Atlantic Way, the first casks arrived in Dec '16

The company's inspiration is a 1890's bonder called JJ Corry. His shop in Kilrush was a key part of the local community & the only place where you could buy J.J.'s pride whiskey "Corry's Special Malt." It was available by the glass for 3 pennies or by the Jar.

JJCorry is an Irish Bonding Company, this means they purchase their whisky from other distillers, mature it in their own warehouse and either bottle and sell as a single malt or as their own special blend.

Also included in the parcel was a rather special @TuathGlass!

We started the evening with Dram II the The Gael a 46% blended Irish whiskey matured in a combination of Sherry and first/second fill bourbon casks, named after a bicycle invented by J.J. Corry.

Bonder's info: On the nose: an initial hit of ripe bananas; orange marmalade; lime cordial; delicate wood notes throughout; lemon meringue pie; pencil sharpenings – very slight to start then emerge stronger but are never overwhelming; subtle hint of almonds; slight hint of coconut which grows the longer it’s in the glass.
In the mouth: a slightly oily texture; a slight burst of pepper; fruit emerges with tinned mandarins followed by lime juice; lemon bonbons; gooseberries; the oak influence is apparent but, again, not overwhelming; juicy fruit chewing gum; heading into the finish there are chocolate covered raisins; it becomes slightly drying which contrasts with the fruity sweetness adding an extra layer of complexity.

My thoughts: pale gold in the glass, swirls give slow thin legs. Initial nose: Pear drops

Nose: orchard fruit, tropical fruit and a little lemon. Really fresh smelling - ready for the summer!

Palate: thick syrupy arrival, lots of spice to start, loads of the fruit notes from the nose. the fruit comes to the fore, apples, pears, pineapple and hints of runny caramel. It's quite drying in the mouth too - icing sugar notes. Yummy!

Finish: medium length, fruity as it has been right through - a little ginger spice and the icing sugar dryness again.

Other people thoughts:

Next up was Dram III the 16yo Flintlock a 46% single malt.

Bonder's info: 33.3% No. 11233 16 Year Old Single Malt
33.3% from Cask No. 11221 16 Year Old Single Malt
33.3% Cask No. 11197 16 Year Old Single Malt

Nose: Sweet and light coconut ice cream with hing of lemon. In time some clover honey

Taste: Sweet start with mid-palate peachiness

My thoughts: pale gold dram at 46%, swirls stick to the glass and fall as slow fat legs. Initial nose: Strawberries and cream.

Nose: loads of red fruit - strawberries and raspberries covered in thick cream. Spicy gingerbread crumbs and a hint of citrus. Yummy!

Palate: not as thick as The Gael, a little oily maybe? Again loads of orchard fruit but with a load of sweetness - honey maybe? This one has an icing sugar note too - again quiet drying in the mouth.

Finish: fruit and spice balanced with maybe a little hint of smoke?

Other people thoughts:

We finished with Dram I a 2 and a bit year old 61.5% single grain.

Bonder's info: None!

My thoughts: pale gold dram, gravity defying swirls which just cling to the glass. Initial nose: Vanilla ice cream

Nose: Vanilla ice cream with hints of banana, brown sugar and a little golden syrup.  A little water enhances the vanilla notes on the nose but also brings out the milk chocolate we got from the neat palate. Interesting!

Palate: Thick syrupy arrival, lots of oak spice attacking my tongue. The vanilla and brown sugar put in an appearance before being swallowed by the spice. With a little water the palate explodes with chocolate, red fruit, vanilla and ginger spice - the ABV has been tamed a little - this is a lovely dram!

Finish: Finish long creamy vanilla with some of the chocolate and fruit notes - yummy.
Needs to be released as a single grain!

Other people thoughts:

Many thanks to @TheWhiskyWire for organising the original tasting, @WhiskeyGate for the drams, @JJCorryUK & @lmcguane for joining in on and my fellow tweeters for a great evening!

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