Scoring Whisky

Back in September Tom posted a blog about Whisky Scoring and I, probably like many of you, thought "oh here we go again - another 0-10 or 0-100 scale where no whisky score less than 7 or 70", "What's the point? Everyone's palate and taste in whisky is different".

I have rarely scored whisky, and only when comparing with friends who are trying the same drams at the same time, but, when I read Tom's post I realised that this is a scoring system I could use!

So with your tongue stuck firmly in your cheek, like Tom had, I suggest you read his post!

I'm going to use his scoring system on the whiskies I try but won't be publishing any - there's no point - everyone's palate is different!

Here's a summary!

0 – I would smile graciously if given a bottle of this then promptly deliver it to the local Primary School charity raffle.
1 – I’d drink it if given to me as a gift, but wouldn’t waste my own money on a bottle
2 – At a decent price i’d buy a glass of this, but wouldn’t invest in a whole bottle.
3 – Damn drinkable and within my price range, I’d happily buy (or have bought) one of these and enjoy it.
4 – I’d be over the moon if given a bottle of this, and would probably drink it fairly quickly.
5 – I’d suck the sweaty toes of a senior brand executive for the opportunity to have a single drop more of this.

I don't publish my scores in any reviews but here is the list of those which have scored 5:

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