Monday, 13 January 2020

Side by side : Port Wood Matured

As you probably know I love a port finished dram so for this side by side I've got three!

Looking at three different Port Wood matured drams from @PenderynWhisky, @Springbank1828 and @GlenScotiaMalts - How do they compare?

DramPenderyn Portwood BYO PT237Springbank Society 15yoGlen Scotia BYO 14yo
Characteristics50% ABV, Natural colour, NCF56.2% ABV, Natural colour, NCF57.8% ABV, Natural colour, NVF
Distillery infoThis whisky welcomes you with fresh citrus aromas, peaches, apricots and tinned fruit. The soft port character is complemented by gentle notes of creamy toffee, honey and a floral twist. On the palate, raisins appear initially followed by hints of cinnamon and spice, providing a lingering finish to entice you back.15 years in a fresh port hogshead, distilled May '03, bottled Sep '18Heavily peated, re-charred American oak hogshead fo 12 years then 18 months in Tawny Port hogshead cask 2017/413/6
My thoughts: 
AppearanceMid gold in the glass, the palest of the three drams, swirls turn immediately to tears and fall as well spaced thick slow legs.Dark gold in the glass, swirls leave a thin line on the glass and fall as slow thin legs.brown in the glass, the darkest of the three drams, swirls again turn immediately to tears and fall as well space thick slow legs.
NoseWow - huge citrus notes with sweet fruity sweets :  pear drops and orange opal fruits.ABV hits you first on this one, followed by a old leather, plum jam and lots of oak. A little smoke?Again the ABV hits first of all, then loads of thick sweet strawberry jam and old musty bookshop notes. There's some smoke there in the background.
PalateThick oily arrival, LOADS of peppery spice, some tropical fruit notes and more sweet and sour citrus - like those jelly orange and lemon slices my grandma used to have!
A few more sips gives a sweet and sour citrus note - like sweet juicy orange and sour lemons.
Thick, smooth creamy arrival, full of red fruit jam and a little oak. A little dried fruit?
A few more sips gives some Campbeltown salt spray and a little smoke too - like a distant bonfire. Leaves a lovely peppery spice on the tongue.
Again a thick creamy arrival, a lot more smoke on this one then loads of strawberry jam. There's plenty of dried fruit, a little liquorice and that Campbeltown seaweed saltiness.
A few more sips give some dark fruit notes : date, plum, fig and black cherry - yummy!
FinishMedium length peppery spice and that sweet and sour citrus.
What a yummy dram!
Long lingering salt and smoke with a little peppery spice. Also get a dry note on this one - a little icing sugar.Huge drying note on this one - like dry red wine. Peat smoke and salt lingering forever.
OverallOK I'm a Glen Scotia fanboy and I'm biased as I opened this cask and drew the whisky from it before trying it - it is very good. I then brought this bottle home and there's not much left. The Penderyn was the biggest surprise, their standard bottlings are nice enough but this single cask was amazing - sweet and sour citrus notes all the way through - didn't get any dry notes though which was a little strange. Even though it had spent 15 years in a port hogshead the Springbank spirit shone through with this Society release - salt and citrus notes but also a little smoke.
For an order of preference I'd go Glen Scotia, Penderyn the Springbank but there wasn't a lot in it!

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