Sunday, 23 December 2018

#BlindTasting Series 4 - Review

Series 4 of #BlindTasting has recently finished and as usual I'll post a summary. There had been a bit of a gap from Series 3 and this one extended longer than we thought it would - pressures of work!
This one, like all the rest, has brought up a few surprised with the five of us trying to identify 15 mystery drams through smell and taste, having #NoPreconceivedIdeas to sway our opinions.

Hopefully you've read through the blogs for Part 1Part 2 and Part 3, this blog is pulling it all together and revealing our overall favourite where @jwbassman_, @SpiritAndWood, @GentlemanGrimm and @WhiskyWings swapped some samples and blind tasted them!

John's photo of the Series 4 samples

We had another three brilliant evenings, drinking lots of whisky and more importantly sharing lots of laughs! This post gives an overview of the 15 whiskies we tried with some geeky stats and some final thoughts!

Strength wise, we pushed the boat out again, all but 2 were over the standard 40% ABV and we hit the dizzy heights of 59%

This time our drams spanned all of the regions of Scotland and out to the USA!

After the final session I asked the guys to vote for their top 3 for each of the three sessions, in each case first got 3pts, second got 2pts and third got 1pt. Only one of our drams didn't register a point.

For this series we had joint winners - Inchmurrin 2007 Single cask and Bunnahabhain 1991 - both from John! With Alistair's Glen Moray 2007 and my Longrow bringing both crossing the 10 mark line.

Some highlights:
  • None of the drams were bad! I think a lot can be said of marketing and word of mouth putting you off a whisky which if you blind tasted you might like!
  • Single Cask whiskies rated highest!
  • We seem to have gone off peat for this series!
  • John's whisky photography is fantastic!
  • We had a laugh and loads of fun!
  • We still haven't found that elusive Mongolian dram......

If you want to organise your own #BlindTasting, here's some hints!

Once again many many thanks to @jwbassman_@SpiritAndWood@GentlemanGrimm and @WhiskyWings for joining me for a fantastic fourth series and you for reading the blog!

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