Sunday, 29 April 2018

#BlindTasting Series 3 - Part 3

The final part of Series 3 of #BlindTasting took place last week and it turned out to be one of our more interesting sessions with a few differences of opinion on the drams we were tasting. That was great because that's what #BlindTasting is all about #NoPreconceivedIdeas #EveryPalateIsDifferent

We started with the obligatory flight photos!






Due to postal issues we've been sampling this series a little out of order, tonight we tried the last 5 in the series E8, B9, C9, D9 and E9. First up was E8 from Mike

A little water was required with this one!

A clue?

and another one?

Grimm was lost in the dram, I think the rest of us were too so Mike revealed it!

A Cadenhead Glen Ord at 60.3%

Next up was B9 from John....

Whilst Grimm was out, Mike and Alistair were in coconut heaven!

Another cask strength dram and more numbers flying about!

John's B9 was another Cadenhead bottling - this time a 1989 Auchroisk

#BlindTasting - #NoPreconceivedIdeas #EveryPalateIsDifferent #WhiskyIsForSharing

Grimm decided to come back to play!

Next up was C9 from Alistair


The third dram of the night and another cask strength?

Even the Maltman was joining in!


And he did C9 was Tamdhu's Batch Strength 003.....

Three down and two to go, opinions all over the place!

Next up was Grimm's D9 - more Cask Strength?

Fantastic on the nose but what did it taste like?

Grimm had a question...

Then John came in with a guess...

D9 was Highland Park's 21yo

Alistair was not impressed that he hadn't guessed it!

The final dram of the evening was Mike's E9....

Tonight was a #PeatFreeZone !!!

After all the high ABVs was this a little lower?

The geography lesson began...

Alistair was on to something...


E9 was Glen Scotia's 15yo....

which some of us had been drinking just a few days before!

The end of another brilliant series of #BlindTasting