Saturday, 3 June 2017

Loch Lomond #TweetTasting

Once again I was successful in winning a place on one of Steve @TheWhiskyWire's @TweetTastings, this time is was to try 5 drams from the Loch Lomond Group.

Loch Lomond own two distilleries and a number of brands, this tasting covered a number of new releases from their portfolio. I had some real trouble trying to get the parcel delivered but finally received it on the morning of the tasting!


There were 6 malts in the package but we were only tasting 5 on the night. As usual we all logged into Twitter at 7pm for the start - I still haven't worked out if plain Twitter or Tweetdeck is better for following these things - any one else have any thoughts?

Some people were happier than others to receive a tasting set! @Dramming_UK

Some people were waiting for 7pm @DistilleryBikes ....

...some people had poured and were ready to go! @OCDWhisky

The first dram of the evening was the Inchmurrin 12yo (46%) from the Loch Lomond distillery

Twitter thoughts included:

My thoughts:
Nose: Salty vanilla on the nose
Palate: spicy vanilla with a slight drying effect - getting some melon
Finish: lovely drying fruit with a salty bitter finish a bit like a dry beer by the seaside on a windy day!
Overall: a standard drinkable dram - one to measure the rest against!

The second dram of the evening was the Loch Lomond 12yo (46%)

Twitter thoughts included:

My thoughts:
Nose: More gentle on the nose no spices - Toffee apples!
Palate: Definitely more creamy than the Inchmurrin, getting the small hint of peat (although it didn't have any!) 
Finish: Chocolate with some hint of spice and some smoke
Overall: A nicer dram than the first with a lovely creamy mouth feel - this was the best of the 3 from the Loch Lomond distillery!

The third dram of the evening was the Inchmoan 12yo (46%), a peated dram from the Loch Lomond distillery.


Twitter thoughts included:

My thoughts:
Nose: Smokey Bananas fresh from the BBQ!
Palate: Minty smoke and some dryness, biscuit and a little smoke.
Finish: A hint of peppery spice and some smoke
Overall: I started off not liking this dram, it developed a bit, then I really didn't like it. I think the peat smoke just wasn't up to the Islay standard that I prefer and the other tastes just got mixed up a bit.

The fourth dram of the evening was the Glen Scotia 16yo (46%) from Loch Lomond's other distillery in Campbeltown.

Twitter thoughts included:

My thoughts:
Nose: Lemon on the nose, floral notes and a hint of baked apple or pears! Develops as it's left in the glass - getting lovely chocolate notes.
Palate: Lovely palate - grapefruit, chocolate slightly drying - yummy! 
Finish: Drying, oaky and rich, hints of citrus.
Overall: This seems a step up from the three 12 year olds from the Loch Lomond distillery, amazing nose that develops over time and a lovely fruity palate.

The final dram of the evening was the Glen Scotia 25yo (48.8%)

Twitter thoughts included:

My thoughts:
Nose: You can smell the increase in strength, getting grapefruit and spicy oak notes
Palate: Lemon on the palate - like on a Chinese lemon and chicken - it's very smooth and buttery - very pleasant! develops with chocolate and vanilla notes!
Finish: Salty orchard notes - apples and some nuts - lovely!
Overall: The best of the night, and at £275 a bottle it should be! Beautiful nose and palate - both of which developed over time, 50ml just wasn't enough!

My preferences in order were GS 25yo, GS 16yo, LL 12yo, IMu 12yo and finally the IMo 12yo.

Many thanks to Steve for organising, @LochLomondMalts@GlenScotiaMalts for supplying and all my fellow Tweet Tasters for enjoying them with me!