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Side by side : Wemyss Malts Blends

For this side by side I'm trying three of Wemyss Malts blended range.

Wemyss Malts are family Scotch whisky makers who produce quality, small batch releases made from a meticulous selection of the finest whiskies produced in Scotland.

DramNectar GrovePeat ChimneyPeat Chimney (Batch 002)
Characteristics46% ABV, Non-coloured, NCF46% ABV, Non-coloured, NCF57% ABV, Non-coloured, NCF
Bottler notesFinished in Madeira Wine casks.

Nose: Intoxicating aromas of floral hibiscus and camomile with a fruity charisma of orange oil, apricot and a freshly opened tin of peaches entwined with milk chocolate, honeyed granola and freshly baked Pastal de Nata (Portuguese sweet egg tarts.)

Palate: An extra maturation in Madeira wine casks imparts this highland whisky with flavours as juicy and fruity as a ready to harvest fruit grove. Sweet citrus fruit notes of nectarine, peach, and candied orange peel build to deeper notes of spun sugar caramel, baklava and hazelnut spread

Finish: The lingering oak wood spice, sweet pastry and soft stone fruit notes remind us of a Mediterranean market brimming with fresh fruit and bakery stalls
Carefully crafted blend of whisky from 4 different Scottish regions with a signature influence of heavily peated whisky from Islay, resulting in a blended malt whisky noted for its rich smokiness, yet balancing citrus and maritime character.

Nose: Reminiscent of standing on the seashore with wet shells, tangled hemp rope and driftwood. Fragrant heather smoke drifts over baked peach and apricot with hints of orange peel

Palate: Warm peat smoke puffs over a shot of espresso laced with muscovado sugar. A flinty freshness gives way to crisp apple and pear crumble with toasted oatmeal

Finish: A sweet smoke slowly sizzles to a softer finale
Created from single malts with signature peated malts that combine to form a complex character of earthy smoke and mineralic flavours.

Nose: Brace yourself for ocean waves crashing against coastal cliffs. Marinated scallops, seared by a pungent peat barbeque and seaweed snarled in tarry ropes

Palate: Hot smoked meats, paprika and pickled ginger burst onto the palette. A mineralic flintiness weaves through fresh apple and lemon sherbet, balancing the saltier notes whilst intense carbolic smoke grows

Finish: Unrelenting sweetened smoke lingers into a very long finish
My thoughts: 
Light gold in colour, swirls fall as slow thin legs.Pale gold in colour, almost white wine, swirls fall as slow thick legsLight gold in colour, swirls cling to the glass and fall as slow thin legs.
NoseVery sweet honey and tropical fruit. Peaches and pineapple covered in custard. There's also a little hint of smoke.Bonfire on a beach stuff - smoky maritime breeze, seaweed and some citrus.Again smoky maritime breeze but this time we're standing further away from the shore - it's just a little more faint.
PalateJust as the nose promised, sweet honey, tropical fruit and a kick of ginger spice.
There's a little dryness too all rounded off by a lovely milk chocolate note.
A little watery on arrival, liquid smoke, bacon frazzles and a little spice. Hiding underneath is some orchard fruit and brown sugar.A much thicker oily arrival that the standard 46% version, lots of spice and salt notes in amongst the obvious smoke hit. The spice intensifies with each sip and the smoke dulls a little. It's a completely different dram to it's little brother.
FinishLong, warming and spicy, the sweetness and fruit soon disappear to be replaced by spice and a hint of smoke. Yummy!Another long warming spicy finish, hints of the smoke and orchard fruit.Big smoky notes which linger followed by a spice kick and sweet brown sugar. Yummy!
OverallThe Nectar Grove lives up to it's name - sweet notes from nose to finish - a lovely dram for a Summer's evening.
I've tried the Batch 002 before as part of a Tweet Tasting and remember being impressed, the balance of smoke and spice is perfect, just right for a cold Winter's night.
When tried against it's big brother the standard 46% dram disappoints -it's watery in comparison and doesn't really deliver the smoke, on it's own with the combination of maritime notes it would be OK but in this threesome it definitely comes out bottom.

Many thanks to @TheWhiskyNovice for the sample swaps!

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