Sunday, 4 March 2018

#BlindTasting Series 3 - Part 1

If you've followed us so far on our #BlindTasting journey of discovery you'll know that is a great fun set of evenings here the five of us try to identify drams from each other. sometimes we can get quite close, sometimes we are completely flummoxed. But the key things are we are trying the drams blind with no preconceived ideas and we are having lots of fun!

This is Series 3 Part 1 so the 7th session we've had, we're still trying to catch each other out but so far haven't managed to find that elusive Mongolian Whisky - and help in obtaining a bottle would be gratefully rewarded!

Just before the Lunar New Year, "Zeest" company announced it has started the import of "Chinggis Khan" Scotch Whiskey. The whiskey comes in two qualities: the three year old Silver Label and the twelve year old Gold Label.

As you may have seen parts of Britain have been battered by #BeastFromTheEast resulting in millimeters of snow in parts of the country, unfortunately this put our usual intrepid Post Office Mail people off their stride and unable to deliver our precious #dramples in time. So instead of the usual A, B, C, D & E drams to try we were limited to just As & Bs - that did not hamper us though we just went for all 3 As and 2 Bs to make our usual compliment of 5 drams for the night!

We started with the obligatory group photos:

Brian's Photo

Grimm's Photo

Mike's Photo

Alistair's Photo

John's Photo

So we started off with A7 from myself:

Alistair was on to something here....


First point of the night to Mike!

We're still looking for the elusive Mongolian Whisky!

A very 'spicy' finish

The boys were struggling so I offered a clue...

Mike got it and was upset because he'd tried the same dram only a few days before!

A7 was indeed Compass Box's Spice Tree!

Onto the second of the night, John's B7...

Alistair thought he was on to this one straight away....

 It was very good whisky, but English?

 Then came a shock...

So B7 was Forgan's 7 month old Corn Whiskey...

An interesting coincidence with the Spice Tree from earlier!

Wow, well after that one, it was on to B8 from John....


John confirmed our guesses!

And Wings got it again!

B8 was Douglas Laing's Provenance Glengoyne 2008

Then due to the postal issues it was back to me, and with a quick switch of order to A9!

A9 was Arran's Port cask finish

The final dram of the night was, again one of mine, the A8

More of which later....

It was feeling familiar to Grimm....

That's because he'd had a sample only the week before! (Link here)

So #Blindtasting A8 is a Creative Whisky Company young, single cask, heavily peated Bunnahabhain and it's bloody fantastic!

A really fun night with some great and unusual whiskies - thanks to the lads for making fun!

Another great night of whisky followed by some great food....?