Saturday, 30 September 2017

Paul John Single Cask (#686 Peated)

Paul John is an Indian distillery established in 1992, it's whiskies have won many awards and are available all over the world. This is the second of their's I've tried, the first being Brilliance.

As well as their core range they also offer a number of single cask bottles, which due to the high temperatures in Goa and the greedy angels, are often low in number! This particular dram if from one of only 156 bottles and I'm grateful to @Andrews_Share for the sample.

Whisky : Single Cask #686 (Peated to 35 ppm)
Characteristics : 700ml, 59% ABV.
Distillery's info : "Produced using Himalayan barley and Islay peat and was bottled from ex-bourbon cask number 686"
Price : £100 Discontinued
Colour : Dark Gold
Nose : The smoke hits you immediately after pouring, as does the alcohol. Left to rest in the glass for 10-15 minutes allows the dram to calm down a bit! I get hot porridge with some orange marmalade.
Palate : The strength get you - started a coughing session! It's not oily like some peaty Islay malts, more syrupy, quite sweet - more orange marmalade and quite a bit of spice on the tongue.
Finish : Very warming, some malt, spice and quite a bit of smoke.
Overall : I really enjoyed this dram, much better than the Brilliance I bought from M&S which I still can't quite make my mind up about! The smoke is there, the orange marmalade is always present and there are nice hints of spice!

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