Friday, 28 July 2017

The blind leading the blind #BlindTasting Pt3

Following on from our two successful #BlindTasting sessions over the last month we followed up with Part 3!

In case you missed the idea was very simple, the five of us would each bottle up five sets of three identical samples of our own whiskies, they didn't have to be expensive, just the ones we were drinking ourselves at the time. Then we'd post a set of three to each of the other members of the group. At £2.90 a parcel it cost us just over a tenner each and we'd each receive 12 'new' drams to try.

My samples were labelled A1, A2 & A3 @jwbassman_ had B1, B2 and B3. @SpiritAndWood had C-red, C-blue and C-green. @GentlemanGrimm had D1, D2 and D3 and finally @WhiskyWings bottled and posted E1, E2 and E3. We were all set!

Obviously apart from our own we don't know what they are so there's #NoPreconceivedIdeas we're tasting each on it's merits.

This time we'd be tasting the third set of samples we'd swapped.

Another great selection of drams with quite a range of colours and aromas!

So first up was my A3 sample - here's some of our thoughts:

We were a bit flummoxed on this one, it turned out to be Dufftown's The Singleton

Here are Gentleman Grimm's thought's on the dram!

On to the second of the evening B2 from @jwbassman_

This one needed a little water!

Then things started getting a little silly....

This one turned out to be a beautiful dram from Glenlivet - a 17yo Cask Strength edition.

Here are Gentleman Grimm's thoughts on the dram!

Third of the evening was ample C-yellow from @SpiritAndWood

We started to get somewhere with this one


This one turned out to be the Macallan Edition No. 2

Here are Gentleman Grimm's thoughts on the dram!

Next up, the fourth, was @GentlemanGrimm's D4

This turned out to be a Douglas Laing bottling of a 15yo from Speyside Distillery

Here are Gentleman Grimm's thoughts on the dram!

And so on to the final dram of the night and of this series E5 from @WhiskyWings and this one turned out to be a little decisive...!

So our final dram turned out to be Northern Harvest Rye from Crown Royal in Canada!

Here are Gentleman Grimm's thoughts on the dram!


Another fantastic evening of whisky sampling with friends - what more could you want?

Final words...