Saturday, 6 May 2017

Another trip to the Prince Of Wales

I'm very lucky where I work that they let us out at 12 noon every Friday, this gives us a chance to visit some local hostelries and sample their wares. One of our regular haunts is the Prince Of Wales at Foxfield, it's a small pub on the Cumbria coast which boasts it's own brewery, regular beer, gin, rum and music festivals - check out their website.

There are normally 8 real ales on the bar plus a couple of ciders and many bottled delights. They also have a great, ever changing, selection of whiskies!

The Whisky Blackboard
This week they held a Dark, Strong Beer & Cider Weekend so we had to visit!

So whilst some of my colleagues made their way through the list of beers, I started with a few whiskies.

Distillery : Mannochmore
Whisky : 12yo (Flora & Fauna)
Characteristics : 700ml, 43% ABV.
Colour : Light Gold
Nose : Vanilla, Christmas cake spices
Palate : Smooth mouth filling vanilla, orange hints and those Christmas spices.
Finish : Long spicy finish
Overall : This is the first time dram which I spotted on the board from a distillery I couldn't remember sampling from before. It's part of the Flora & Fauna range of limited releases - I don't think these are very common?

Distillery : Linkwood
Whisky : 15yo (Gordon & MacPhail)
Characteristics : 700ml, 43% ABV. NCF, Uncoloured
Colour : Dark Gold
Nose : Vanilla and oak with a touch of cereal
Palate : Sweet vanilla, developing into chocolate
Finish : Long spicy sweet finish
Overall : Another dram which I spotted on the board from a distillery I couldn't remember sampling from before and definitely the best of the three I tried on the day.

Distillery : Dalmore
Whisky : 12yo 
Characteristics : 700ml, 43% ABV. NCF, Coloured 😟
Colour : Dark Gold
Nose : Sherry and vanilla, 
Palate : Dry sherry with hints of oranges and marshmallows
Finish : Long dry finish dominated by vanilla with a hint of spicy orange
Overall : Pretty standard fare this one but it was the first time I'd tried a Dalmore. Honesty I wasn't really impressed - nice bottle and presentation but just a little plain for me.
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