Sunday, 2 April 2017

Tweet Tasting UK v USA

Another fantastic evening of @TweetTasting took place on Wednesday 22nd March and luckily I was invited to take part! This is time was a bit of a competition between UK distillery @GlenGrant and US distillery @WildTurkey but seeming as the drams were very different it wasn't really a competition!

I demoed my geeky Tasting Mat design for the first time which allowed me to record and then tweet my tasting thoughts as we went along!

Distillery : Glen Grant
Whisky : 10yo
Characteristics : 700ml 40% ABV
Price : £30
Colour : Old Gold (Non Coloured)
Nose : Pear, watermelon and apple notes develop into vanilla with overtones of strawberry chewits
Palate : Pear & liquorice developing into vanilla with a touch of pepper
Finish : Smooth, long vanilla with a touch of pepper
Overall : I enjoyed this dram, it's a basic delicate whisky with no surprises - ideal for beginners looking for a typical Speyside malt.
Link : Glen Grant 10yo

Distillery : Wild Turkey
Whisky : 101 Bourbon
Characteristics : 700ml 50.5% ABV
Price : £31
Colour : Tawny
Nose : Fig biscuits, caramel, wax polish developing into a lovely golden syrup
Palate : Spicy cinnamon and nutmeg with apple strudel covered in creamy vanilla custard.
Finish : Vanilla custard, much more rounded than the 10yo
Overall : My first ever Bourbon this is made with 75% Corn, 13% Rye and 12% Barley
Link : Wild Turkey 101

Distillery : Glen Grant
Whisky : 12yo
Characteristics : 700ml 43% ABV
Price : £43
Colour : Old Gold (Non Coloured)
Nose : Pear, watermelon and apple notes similar to the 10yo but with more punch. Fresh baked apple pie and Pistachios
Palate : Honey, apples and pear (in a pie?)
Finish : Vanilla custard, more rounded that the 10yo
Overall : An improvement on the 10yo, the extra 2 years make quite a difference - more punch and smoother.
Link : Not currently on the Glen Grant website.

Distillery : Wild Turkey
Whisky : Rye
Characteristics : 700ml 40.5% ABV
Price : £28
Colour : Deep Gold
Nose : Toffee, wax polish, cream soda, marshmallow
Palate : Watered honey, cream soda with a little bitter lemon
Finish : Spicy with a kick, juice from a pickled egg jar?
Overall : So my 2nd Bourbon, this one was 65% Rye, 23% Corn and 12% Barley matured in a cask which has had an Alligator #4 char.
Link Wild Turkey Rye

Overall : A really interesting evening of sampling - thanks to @GlenGrant and @WildTurkey for the drams, @TheWhiskyWire for organising and all the Tweet Tasters who shared their thoughts on the night. My order of preference was the Glen Grant 12yo, Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon, Glen Grant 10yo and finally the Wild Turkey Rye.

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