Monday, 13 February 2017

Caol Ila

Distillery : Caol Ila
Whisky : 12 years old

Lovely Dark Bottle
Presentation : Dark box with info about the whisky and distillery information, lovely dark bottle with cork stopper
Source : Tesco supermarket
Price : £30

Characteristics : 700ml, 43% ABV, No info on colouring or Chill Filtering (but believed to have been both coloured and chill filtered)
Box/Bottle Information : "Fresh, sweetly fruity and smooth bodied. Caol Ila 12yo is as rounded and clear as the shapes of the still-room, glimpsed by hazy shafts of sunlight glancing through the morning cloud."

Colour : Pale Gold
Glance : Very Oily, leaves thin slow legs when swirled around the glass.
Nose : Sweet smoke, not medicinal like other Islay drams.
Palate: Smooth and mouth filling. Vanilla and pepper are prevalent on the tongue with .
Finish : Medium smokey finish with some drying pepper and citrus on the finish.

Overall : As I've said before I love smokey peaty Islay drams and grabbed this one when reduced to £30 in Tesco - I wasn't disappointed! Caol Ila (pronounced Cull EeLa) 12yo has only been available since around 2002, previously most of the malt was used for blending, but now it's fairly easily to get hold of and for £30 you can't go wrong!

Link : Caol Ila 12yo
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